Tips for Euroleague bets: the queen league of Europe

The Euroleague is the main club basketball competition on the continent, which serves to define which is the best among the 18 most prominent clubs in Europe. Establishing accurate Euroleague forecasts is essential to be able to make the best Euroleague bets and have a great time in the 34 days that the competition has to define the Playoff participants.

From the outset, you must be very clear that there are some clubs with much more potential than others in the long term. There is not a single clearly favorite club, but of the 18 participants, the favorites for the first places are already very marked: Panathinaikos, Olympiakos, Real Madrid, Barcelona, CSKA, Maccabi or Anadolu Efes, among others, are clear favorites in the predictions of Euroleague basketball in every game. If you bet on the Euroleague in matches with these teams against smaller teams, you must consider them as winners, even with a handicap.

Except for specific surprises, these are the teams that are usually in the Playoffs of the competition. Beyond EuroLeague bets on money lines, handicaps can be a great option. Without going any further, Anadolu Efes achieved a difference of 266 points last year, CSK Moscow 180 and Madrid 206, in the 28 games prior to the cancellation. At the other extreme, the last three classified had a difference greater than or close to -200.

Basketball tips for Euroleague: Take them further

Basketball tips

With these odds, betting on the money line can be very limiting on these teams. The options can be very clear, but the quotas very limited. Beyond the already mentioned Euroleague handicap bets, there are other very interesting data to look at. For example, all the teams in the top 4 exceeded an average of 82 points in favor per game. This also includes the games they played against each other, but against smaller teams it can still be superior.

Another very interesting variation can be the bets for quarters or even for halves. To do this, look up statistics for the two teams that are playing. See if historically they scored more points in the first half or the second or in which quarter they shone the most, and from there, make your Euroleague predictions. It will take you a little longer than other simpler bets, but the results can also be much higher.

As you have already read, there are a few favorite teams to win the Euroleague, and this is how it is transferred in the different quotas. The clearest examples of them are CSKA, Barcelona, Andalou Efes and Real Madrid, which are equally favourites. All of them have a quota of @5.00 as winners of the competition, except Madrid with @7.00. By far, they are followed by Fenerbahçe, already with a share of @9.00.

  • Panathinaikos (2002, 2007, 2009 and 2011)
  • CSKA (2006, 2008, 2016 and 2019)
  • Olympiakos (2012 and 2013)
  • Real Madrid (2015 and 2018)
  • Barcelona (2003 and 2010)
  • Maccabi (2004, 2005 and 2014)
  • Fenerbahce (2017)

Euroleague bets on second-class teams: a vein to explore

bets on second-class teams

8 of the 18 participants in this edition of the Euroleague have never been champions. Beyond adding excitement to the matches of the main teams, it is also a very good idea to bet on the matches of these teams. Basketball forecasts for Euroleague in these games can be somewhat more difficult to do, although the results in terms of odds can be more interesting.

There may be less head-to-head history against each other, as well as less history in the EuroLeague, but there are many more elements from which you can draw conclusions. If there is any previous confrontation between the two teams, the streak in the Euroleague to see if either of them is revulsive this season or even (although less) their role in the respective league. In this way, Euroleague bets can earn great returns, even if the effort is somewhat higher.

Generic tips for your Euroleague bets

Beyond the specifics that we have already seen, there are many generic sports betting tips that can also be used to make Euroleague forecasts. Some examples?

Bet rationally: Put aside what you want to happen and focus on what you think will happen. You do not bet that your favorite team will win by 20 if they are in a bad shape and in the last five matches against their rival they have not won by more than 5.

Contrast with the odds: Even if you think you are clear about what will happen, contrasting with all the available odds can be a great idea. If you have a very clear Euroleague forecast, but it doesn’t fit with the available odds… it’s for a reason! Ask yourself the reason…

Play safely: Do not bet what you are not willing to lose. It is not written anywhere that you win, nothing is infallible! (Although with these tips you maximize results) If you lose your budget, do not try to recover it suddenly, and if you win a large amount, enjoy it!

Free bet on the Euroleague. It will not always be 100% free, but try to take advantage of the different welcome bonuses that you can find in the bookmakers. The available promotions can help you expand your budget and learn from your mistakes.

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